Månedens Spire i februar!

Spire har for tiden besøk av to Fredskorpsdeltagere, som skal være aktivister i Spire fram til juni. Denne månden skal dere bli bedre kjent med Yeukai fra Zimbabwe!

How long have you been in Norway and how do you like it so far?
I have been in Norway for almost a month now and I am enjoying myself here except for the very low temperatures which I am still trying to cope with.

Why did you choose to go on this exchange?
I considered the exchange as an opportunity for me to get exposure and to broaden my knowledge and network.

Which of Spires topics are you most interested in and what do you look foreward to working with?
I am interested in almost all of Spire's topics, under climate, I have great interest in the Climate and Gender campaign for this year. I think it is important to make people and key role players realize how important it is to consider the negative impact of climate change on women and to come up with solutions as to how such problems may be solved.

I would also like to learn more about issues concerning trade and how certain countries are being affected by different trade rules and regulations, and to know the measures, if any, that are being taken to ensure that all countries, particularly developing countries also get to enjoy fair trade.

I find it a lot more interesting that Spire acknowledges the fact that the world is not fair, hence giving me a chance to learn more on global injustice issues.

Name one thing you have in Zimbabwe that you wish was in Norway too.
One thing in Zimbabwe I wish was here would be food, not everything but certain foods. I do agree that the food here is very nice but at some point, you get to miss your own, bought sweet potatoes the other day and I was so excited. I would say I cooked them in three different ways just to make sure, but they were never nice, was very disappointed and you know at that moment you start to miss your own.

What inspires you to keep volunteering?
My greatest inspiration comes from the passion that I have to learn more about different issues around the world and to collaborate and serve with others according to my capacity.

I am inspired by the priceless and vast opportunities exposed through volunteering. I have grown to realize that once you get an opportunity, that opportunity will always unlock another great opportunity hence the volunteering journey becomes more of a puzzle as you go. It is interesting how you start small, how you get to grow along the way because through volunteering, you are given a choice to develop in terms of character, skills, networks, and in other areas, therefore it is a priceless experience.