About Spire

Spire is a youth organization working for a just and sustainable distribution of the world’s resources. We aim to examine the big connections that create injustice. Our focus areas are the environment, food security, international trade and urban development. Spire influences politicians in Norway and internationally to create change. We work with youth in the South and run information campaigns to inspire Norwegian youth to action. We are the Development Fund's youth organization. Will you join us?

We live in a world marked by enormous inequality, and we consume the earth's resources to an extent that we are not only causing damage today but we also restrict future generations. Poverty can be both a cause and a result of environmental degradation. Therefore, the environment and development go hand in hand. Our goal is to change the social structures that maintain an unfair distribution and the unsustainable management of economic, social, biological and cultural rights and resources.

Spire was formed when the Development Fund received Operation Day's Work (OD) in 2003. A group of involved youth came together with the goal of creating a youth organization focused on the relationship between the environment and development. Despite the fact that we are a young organization, we have gained a solid foothold in the Norwegian organizational environment, and we have achieved several political victories. Among other things, we got significant political support for our campaign against land grabbing in 2010 - several of our requirements were included in the Report to the Storting (white paper) 14, "Towards a greener development – on a coherent environmental and development policy". Our main target group is youth between 18 and 30 years, but we do not want age to be a limitation for engagement.  If you are engaged and share our political views you are welcome on the team!

Solidarity: Spire believes that global power factors such as the World Bank, World Trade Organization and the large multinational companies are helping to create an unfair distribution of resources. The result is that the gap between the poor and the rich continues to increase. Spire wants to counteract this.

Environment: Spire is not just interested in how we allocate resources; we are also concerned about how they are managed. Spire believes that development must occur on the environment's own terms.

Young people: Young people are also central to our international work. Spire believes that developing countries must participate in shaping their own future. In many developing countries, youth are still a marginalized group who do not have the chance to participate in democratic processes. Our focus on this group is to help ensure that their voice is heard on the road to a better and fairer world.

Spire consists of:

A large annual meeting is our highest authority, where all of our members have a vote, speech, and are encouraged to propose motions. 
Apart from this Spire consists of:

  • Active Members!
  • A core group consisting of the president, political vice president, organizational vice president, campaign manager, four committee representatives, and international representative and up to two other members
  • Local chapters and four political committees (food, trade, climate, urban development)
  • Activity in the local chapters are divided into different topic groups
  • A campaign group is responsible for an annual campaign
  • An international committee to work with our partners in Malawi, Zambia, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe

Become a member:
To register in Spire you need to fill out a form  in our member system Zubarus