Climate Committee

Climate change is one of the absolute greatest challenges the world is facing today. There can be no doubt that it is the rich, western countries that are the most responsible for climate change. However, the ones paying the price are the developing countries.

In recent years the world has experienced climate change in the form of extreme weather events such as storms, hurricanes, floods, droughts, landslides, and much more. This has already had a major impact on the living conditions of the poorest parts of the world's population, and will be a growing problem in the future. It is the poorest parts of the world's population who suffer most from climate change. This is unfair, and something must be done.

Spire's climate committee works for a progressive Norwegian climate policy, and to affect the Norwegian government's position in international climate negotiations. We inform the Norwegian youth of Norway's climate responsibility and climate change in developing countries. We work in international youth networks to create a sustainable future. Climate change must be taken seriously, and it must happen now! Would you like to join us?

The coordinator of the climate committee is Siri Olsson, and she can be reached by email: siri.k92@hotmail.com

The climate committee's working language for the spring semester 2018 is Norwegian.