Julie Lunde Lillesaeter/Differ Media & Banyak Films

Kisilu: The Climate Diaries

When we think about climate change we are forced to think big. We consider landmarks like the year 2020 and 2050. We analyze data series that encompass hundreds of years - and some that encompass millions.

In our bird’s eye view, it is easy to forget to that climate change is happening in this moment. Somewhere, a farmer waits for the rain to fall. Somewhere else, an angler baits for fish that has long since migrated in an attempt to handle changing ocean temperatures.

Our campaign “The Climate Diaries: From the Frontlines of Climate Change” aims to connect the big picture with lived lives. In particular, we want to draw attention to smallholder farmers in the Global South. This group has a miniscule carbon footprint, yet face some of the harshest consequences from climate change.With limited options for alternative livelihoods, and little or no savings, crop failure spells disaster for entire communities, and severely affects food security.

Spire has invited Kisilu Musya, a Kenyan smallholder farmer, to come to Norway and present the documentary about his life “Kisilu: the Climate Diaries.” He will tour several Norwegian cities, and share his thoughts on climate action. Through the campaign, Spire urges Norwegian authorities and international bodies to address climate, agriculture and development in relation to each other, and secure adaptation funds for farmers immediately. In December, Kisilu and Spire will travel to Paris for the UN climate change conference.

We demand a just climate agreement where perspectives like Kisilu’s are taken into account. We demand a global plan that supports local action, and where responsible countries make clear commitments to support climate adaptation in the South. 

Kisilu's story is one of many, but together we can be heard. Our campaign website is dedicated to other #climatediares, where people can share how climate change manifests in their daily life. 

Get involved:

  • Start with yourself and eat more sustainably! There are many resources to help you achieve a sustainable diet. We recommend Spire's cookbok (Norwegian). 
  • Demand long-term and sustainable action from your local politicals - you can instigate change!
  • Sign up for Spire - we are stronger together!
  • Organize a screeing of "Kisilu: The Climate Diares" in your local community. Contact us for more information. 
  • Stay informed about Kisilu's story! Support the production of the feature film, and follow the progress as www.kisilumovie.com

Email your #climatediaries to us, and add it to our documentation on how climate change affects your community.