Industri 4.0!

Dette innlegget er skrevet av Taran Grefberg og Bjørnar Berntsen i Spires handelsutvalg. Innlegget stod først på trykk i Klassekampen 13. juni 2017.



Trump – Political Power and Climate Change

9. May 2017 13:29

On Tuesday April 25, Spire Ås hosted a Get Inspired event about Trump’s climate politics and influence through social media. We welcomed two knowledgeable speakers and an engaged audience of about 55 people to Samfunnet in Ås.   The first speaker…

Debate: A Solution For the Trade Sector Becoming Climate-Effective?

21. April 2017 11:56

Spire Trondheim hosted a debate between politicians about trade and the climate, a topic which often is left out of the climate debate – here we open up a discussion  concerning one of the possible solutions, Carbon Fee and Dividend. Spires…

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